AAA FPS Linear Action Shooter Game set in a Post War City
Roles:  Level Concept, Design & Implementation, Blockout, Gameplay Scripting, Puzzle Design
Team Size: Solo Personal Project
Duration: 2 weeks

Software Tools 

• Unreal Engine for Level Design and 3D Blockout
• Blueprint for scripted events and interactions 
• Low Poly Shooter Pack for FPS mechanics and 3D models
• Blender for 3D modelling
• Photoshop for documentation and 2D map design


The main inspiration for this level comes from FPS titles like Battlefield and Call Of Duty. Gameplay based on a linear quest driven action. Players try to reach and infiltrate heavily guarded buildings while eliminating enemies and solving traversal puzzles.

Gameplay Scripting



Roll The Truck To Destroy barricade

Using a weapon to release the truck downhill to break a barricade. Scripted event is triggered after the player explodes the barrel in front of the truck.


Explosive Barrel on Breakable Walls

With this mechanic players need to use a weapon to explode barrels which results in breaking a destructible wall and allowing them to proceed in the level.
Key Door Gif



Players take a key and contain it in their inventory (bottom right) and use it to open locked doors. Every key unlocks the specific door.

Flow Path & Gameplay Beats

Level is designed as Linear Story Driven FPS Gameplay. My main work can be summerized as follows;
  • Designed, developed and implemented full AAA FPS blockout from concept to finish.
  • Integrated interesting gameplay moments with scripted events and interactions.
  • Aimed for smooth gameplay flow and easy player navigation by using level design techniques (Landmarks, Leading Lines, Gating, Bait & Swich)
Flow Path Encounters

Quest Steps & Mission Flow

Mission Flow Chart FPS
Quest Design based on Linear Action/Adventure gameplay, which contains three combat areas and three puzzle/activity mechanics. In order to get smooth flow, gameplay beats staged separately.
TopDown Layout

Blockout Process

The main goal for the blockout was to get the smooth gameplay flow while keeping the best visual composition possible. In order to achieve this, I’ve made a couple of iterations and made fine-tuning throught the process.


In order to capture the post-war focused atmosphere, I gathered images from various resources such as real metropolitan cities, post-war city artworks and similar FPS games.
Refs JPS

Full Gameplay



  • I took full ownership of design, develop and implementation of AAA level blockout from concept to finish.
  • Tried to provide engaging gameplay by scripted events and different gameplay mechanics.
  • Crafted smooth gameplay flow and easy player navigation by using level design techniques.