Lighthouse Island - Personal Level Blockout Project

AAA 3rd Person Action Puzzle Game set in Deserted Lighthouse Island
Roles:  Level Concept, Design & Implementation, Blockout, Gameplay Scripting, Puzzle Design
Team Size: Solo Personal Project
Duration: 2 weeks

Software Tools

• Unreal Engine for Level Design and 3D Blockout
• Blueprint for interactions and scripted events
• Advanced Locomotion System for 3rd person controller
• Blender for 3D modelling
Photoshop for documentation
Floor Plan Creator and Inkarnate for 2D map design


Exploring the mysterious lighthouse island and solving puzzles along the way. In order to finish the level, players must reach the lighthouse and activate the light. The level contains a variety of areas and unexpected events. The design intent was to craft linear gameplay flow through visual storytelling, puzzle interaction, scripted events and spatial composition. Gameplay focus is traversing through destination by exploration and logical puzzle solving.


Flow Path & Gameplay Beats

Initial focus for gameplay flow is linear puzzle driven progression. I also wanted to provide possible exploration areas and visual storytelling so that players can find something interesting about environment as a reward.
MoodBoard Ordered 6
Intensity Diagram2

Level Design Goals

1. Designing engaging, immersive and smooth gameplay flow.
2. Crafting believable and logical puzzles that fits in the game world.
3. Including interesting interactions and memorable moments.
How did I achieve these goals? 
Design Princibles777

Gameplay Zones & 2D Layouts

While designing the layout I tried adding lots of lighthouse sight points in order to present players a clear goal and help them orient themselves. I also occasionally removed the sight of the lighthouse to get more intense reveals.

Puzzle Document

For the final beat of the level, I wanted to challenge players with the biggest puzzle. To establish the context, power connection needed to reach the upper floor. For that player needs to turn yellow circles and arrange a connection.
connection PzzleR


My intention was to design a tiny island with lots of dangerous hills and rocky cliffs for intensive and interesting gameplay. I also wanted a mysterious feeling with the lighthouse and the underground cave. With that in mind, I started researching compatible references for sketching a 2D map layout.

2D Sketch & Blockout Progression

I used Inkarnate to quickly sketch the shape of the island and iterated the blockout through my gameplay design. 
2D Top Down Sketch

Full Gameplay Walkthrough



  • Designed, developed and implemented full AAA level blockout from concept to finish.
  • Integrate interesting gameplay moments with scripted events and interactions.
  • Provide smooth gameplay flow and easy player navigation by using level design techniques.