AAA 3rd Person RPG Melee Combat Game set in Medieval World.
Roles:  Level Design & Implementation, Combat & Gameplay Scripting, Environment Design, Mission & Puzzle Design
Team Size: Solo Personal Project
Duration: 4 weeks
Following linear story-driven mission with exploration, 3rd person melee combat and logical puzzle solving. Design intent is crafting open world RPG level with single player mission and interactive gameplay. Additionally, supporting both aggressor and pacifist playstyles by offering multiple paths and optional combat. Narrative is about taking your vengeance from your biggest enemy with prison escape and castle infiltration. 
Software Tools: UnityEngine and Probuilder for Level Design and 3D Blockout, C# Scripting for combat, AI behaviours and interactions. Gaia for Terrain Design,  Blender for 3D modelling, Photoshop for documentation, Floor Plan Creator for 2D layouts.

Flow Path & Gameplay Beats

Main gameplay flow is based on linear story driven progression. Quest designed for allowing possible side paths to the beat zones and provide alternative playstyles.

Quest Flow Chart

My quest idea emerged from the giving interesting and strong motivation to the players and making their actions more reasonable. To achieve this I tried to add meaningful story that matches the world and realistic reasons. I also tried to allow different playstyles into the quest design along with providing multiple decision options.
Mission Flow ChartJPG

Gameplay Areas & 2D Layouts

There are 3 main gameplay areas which are based from the story beats. I wanted to make them distinguishable, and stand out from other areas by using various visual languages and believable world elements.
Castle Floor 0

Castle Floor 0

Castle Floor 1

Castle Floor 1

Village Layout

Village Layout

Prison Layout

Prison Layout

Puzzle Sequence - Castle Gates Solution

My puzzle design inspired from classic ancient temple puzzles. This section allowed me to add variety to the gameplay and allowed breathing moment to players between intense combat sections. To find the right balance of difficulty, I experimented lots of puzzle ideas and eventually decided on a sequence puzzle. Since these types of puzzles are easy to understand and doesn’t break the game flow so much.

Puzzle Document

In order to solve the puzzle player needs to press buttons in a specific order. Every door has distinct geometric shapes on itself (circle, triangle, square) that matches the buttons on the walls. Pressing buttons opens and closes connected doors.
Door Puzzles DocR
Control SchemeR

Solution Steps

There are 4 steps needs to be executed according to the order shown below. If the states of door are different as they are in the first step, then the door steps must be returned to the states in step 1.
Step 1R
Step 3
Step 2R
Step 4
Step 5