Room 8 Studio – Level Designer – PC/Console Project

Room 8 Studio is an international art production and game dev outsourcing company providing external services worldwide. Working with the top global publishers, including Activision, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft, EA, Xbox Game Studios, and many others. I am responsible with level & gameplay design for the next entry of renowned PC/Console IP. More info coming soon.

•   Gameplay Design: Generated gameplay ideas, gathered references and designed puzzle mechanics to build narrative based gameplay. Pitched new puzzle mechanics and proposed improvements to the existing ones.
•   Level Design: Concept & layout design as well as gathering references. Blocked out gameplay spaces using primitive shapes. Designed 20+ puzzle levels & gameplay locations. Provided detailed documentation.
•   Environment Design: Set dressing props and NPCs according to gameplay and narrative moments. Gathered referances and pitched props and world design to build out new content.