Sticky Slime – 2D Platformer

Roles: Level Designer, Game Designer
Platforms: iOS
Company: MobGe
Genre: 2D Platformer
Team Size: 19
Duties: Level/Gameplay Design and Implementation, Game Mechanics and Modes Design, Prototyping, Quality Assurance
Sticky Slime is a 2D platformer title developed by MobGe. My responsibilities on the project were designing and implementing levels into the game engine, prototyping new gameplay elements, coming up with and pitching game mechanics, minor UI/UX designs and supporting QA.  I also had a hand in generating new game modes and prototyping inside our custom level editor. I designed and implemented 14 levels for the final build. One of the levels of mine reached the highest level completion rate among players.
After nine months of joining MobGe, I grew into the role of leading the level design team. I shared my knowledge and gave feedback to the junior level designers as well as providing problem solving support. Also, I worked very closely with all members of the art, design, programming and production teams on a daily basis.






Some of the levels I made for Sticky Slime.