Voluspa - 2D Platformer Metroidvania

Role: Senior Level Designer
Platforms: PC/Console (Cancelled)
Company: Roof Games
Tools: Unity Engine, Photoshop, Sourcetree
Team Size: 17
Responsibilities: Level Design and Implementation, Puzzle Design, Gameplay Design, Layout & Blockout, Prototyping, Quality Assurance, World Map Design, Documentation
Voluspa is a platformer  metroidvania title developed by Roof Games.  My initial work as a senior level designer was to designing world map areas according to metroidvania structure and story moments. Then I started generating puzzle mechanics and sketching up on the Photoshop. Later I moved to the level design and started designing and implementing gameplay areas on the map which is average three hours long of gameplay. I also involved minor environment design process for the first area and worked closely with art team in order to maintain visual cohesion of the game. Lastly, I worked on playtesting with focus group testers and iterated the gameplay according to the feedback from testers.
I have designed 3 gameplay areas along with puzzles and combat encounters. I also contributed playtesting and fine-tuning on 3Cs (Character, Control, Camera) design.
Working on a metroidvania genre helped me a lot on understanding PC/Console gamer behaviours and widen my horizon for level/gameplay design by iterative design process. Unfortnately, the project was cancelled by the company during the production.